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09 05 2014

League of Legend Riot Points Generator has been updated to bypass the new RIOT protection.

05 03 2014

More sponsors are with us for helping you.Our investment in the codes and projects is higher.Because of that we have 2 more programmers to help us improve our service.

League Of Legends Riot Points Generator

  Preview of League Of legends riot points generatorWithout too many words,this is our first League Of Legends Riot Points generator.This program is the best Code Generator on the market.He is protecting your account details
and is buying for you,automatically Riot Points,in just 30-40 seconds.And the best part,you can buy from 650-5000 Points without be detected.
You will not be detected because this program is not a hack.


                              Download Link for league of legends riot points generator

How to use League Of Legends Riot Points Generator?

First,you will need to add your username in the designated area,and after that to select your region.Please remember,if you don't know on what region you are,leave the region on undefined and the program will detect automatically the region,when you will login in to the game.Ok,as I said,login in game and now select amount and start.Just wait for 30-40 seconds so the program will get and add the League of legends riot points code to your account.

How league of Legends Rp Generator works?

Well,when you will start the program,he will connect to our database and grab a working league of legends code.After that the program,will connect to your account and redeem the code and give you the riot points.This process is automatically because most of the people will try to sell our working RP codes,to make money with our money.So,please understand that this program is free.

Please,if anyone has any questions about this program,just Contact Us.

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